The Importance of Your Signature in Emails

imagess1A signature file is usually attached at the end of an email or forum post. In online business, a signature file is used in place of the letter head used in offline business. Just like is the case with letterheads, the signature file should portray your online business in a professional manner. The signature is a good marketing tool for branding your business over the Internet.

Below are some reasons why you should give a signature file serious thoughts:

Unique Identification
A signature file is the online version of your business card. A business card uniquely identifies you and your business. You also give it to your clients and potential customers. An online signature functions just like your personal handwritten signature, only that it is distributed online through email and forums.

Signature Text Details
You should include important details such as your business name, products/service and contact details. Your name and company name must be in full. You can also include web address and phone number if space allows. Avoid repetitions.

Plain Text vs. Graphics
Your clients can conclude whether you are professionals or not from your signature file. Too much plain text may be a bit difficult for clients to read. On the other hand, too many images and animation makes the signature lose professional sense. Some email programs will strip off animations before sending your email. Who wants to lose clients because of too many graphics and unnecessary animations?

You can create a signature file using opensource or commercial software. With the software, you to automatically save and attach a signature file to every email. This will save time that you would have used in typing the file every time.

Marketing Tool
A signature file also acts as a marketing tool for your online business. The signature file can be a great branding tool that can generate leads when you are interacting in forums. Creating a good business name can be difficult and thus the need to carefully think about it. Remember when you were in 4th grade and you practiced writing your signature a thousand times until it was perfect? The same also applies to your online letterhead. A mere addition of your company name and website is the ultimate detail that makes your signature a perfect marketing tool.

Useful and Priceless Information
When you append your signature on every business email that you send, you provide the information on the file for free. This is a great way of getting clients to buy your products or subscribe to whatever offers you have. No E- business wants miss a chance of getting in touch with potential customers. If you can send this digital card for free, then spread it to as many customers as you can.

When operating an online business, potential clients will only know, appreciate and be loyal to your brand if you let them know that you exist. And how do you do this? Through an informative your signature file.




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